About Us

Our Experience


IMC (Infastructure Maintenance & Compliance) Consulting has proudly been serving water and wastewater providers all over the country for over a decade. Our agents have over a hundred years of combined knowledge and have been pioneers in the industry. We possess proprietary equipment that has been customized to facilitate our operations. Because of this vast  experience, we are equipped to help our clients based on their unique needs. 

Our Approach


Our approach is quite simple: Offer the optimal solution that works for the client. Your asset should be able to continually perform at capacity.  Our method is to aid in closing the gap between the infrastructure's current condition and its original specifications and design criteria.  We offer a wide array of services by a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants. IMC is a client driven company that does not endorse, sell or distribute any specific product or process. We feel that each water or wastewater treatment plant is unique. As an integrated team, we create an action plan to address the clients' specific issues. We usually offer more than one option so the client has a clear picture of what choices exist. We make our recommendation and the client chooses the option they deem to be the most suitable for their objectives and situation. Our goal is to find the method that will help the client achieve their goals while concurrently working withing the parameters of their needs and resources. 

Why Us?


  • We are able to provide many services under one entity that normally would have to be contracted out to several different vendors. This helps the City to only have to rely on one contact person to ensure all tasks are completed to their satisfaction.   
  • Since we don't endorse any specific product or process, our clients can be confident that we have their best interest in mind. 
  • Our team is unparalleled in experience and knowledge. Our agents have successfully completed over 500 projects all over the country in which they have solved even the most difficult problems that have arisen. 
  • IMC Consulting possesses a patent entitled, "Cleaning System for Filter Beds". This was bourne out of years of experience and on the project knoweldge.
  • We have customized equipment that has been fabricated solely for our unique approch and method.
  • We have a 100% positive safety record without any accidents.
  • We leave a small environmental footprint.

We are passionate about what we do and offer those around us high caliber service with an honest approach.